Knowing the language of myth
Relations with the dead and 'hello' new clock
Listening in on the worst conversing
We inversely proportion our share
And share alike with sun spotted eyes
In the mind we see past
Future dream in daytime
Memory paste spilling closed eyes
All we see is all we saw
Drawing upon self experience
Scribbling upon printed text
For self expression pressed against you
Your ass is dancing your feet don't move
Scultping masterpiece each step precision
Perfection in form my gloss my polish
Weather happens sands away
Dust spills polish fade
Shape is left forms untouched
Newly roughed and poorly kept
Scratched and broken becomes you
Time has finished what we tried to perfect
Essence and matter goodbye control
Goodbye spelling the language devolution
Goodbye my smooth surface
Tried to make it be me
the broken more beautiful
My smudged lens sublime
My tears my stains my dirty surface
How can the language explain
More love to the weathered
More joy in the pain
My suffering beauty
My torn fashionista
Wrapped up in yesterdays blanket
Old fabric still strongest
Running from mass production
Gold the oldest living paper
Only records wear away
Skipping music they still play
Hear it? An improvement
Congratulations your work is loved