the fighter (2010)

I wanted to see David O. Russell's comeback "sorry everybody" film after the debacle, both with audiences and within the industry, (for the record I enjoyed it) of I Heart Huckabees. I didn't get it. What I got, apparently, is Mark Wahlberg's dream-best-boxing-movie-ever-made, which was turned down by Martin Scorsese, and then picked up at the last minute by Russell from director Darren Aronofsky after he bolted from the project to make Black Swan. whew. By the time this thing landed in the Park Slope Pavilion theater right in front of my eyes, Russell was barely anywhere to be found in the celluloid. Whatever, I did get a funny yet smug (as all shit) movie about boxer Mickey Ward. So there ya go. This thing plays like a scripted version of some New Jersey reality show where loud obnoxious white trash mouths off to the camera and each other ad nauseam. I guess that's where the stroke of genius came in of having an HBO camera crew following around Bale's character the entire film making a reality show .. Anyway, where Russell takes the film is fun and the comedic vignettes are just twisted enough without being over the top. But it seemed like he wanted to do something with the picture, at least at certain points, besides yucks. Wahlberg certainly seems to think so, apparently hoping for the "most realistic fight scenes EVERRR" or something. Ok Russell, so seeing bad things happen to characters makes us sad and seeing good things happen makes us happy and .. oh wait, the movie's over