juliet of the spirits (1965)

Titular Juliet is literally "of the spirits", meaning for Fellini she has more in common with the past, the spirits of the dead than she has with those living around her. Yet the spirits she feels around her urge her toward living in her time, we must all live in our time, it's the only time we've got. Fellini caps his string of three perfect films with Juliet of the Spirits, a delirious baroque and a dizzying cinematic dream land. In expressing his vision of pure cinema, Fellini utilizes influences from beyond our world as the catalyst that frees him from the bonds of his roots in neorealism and catapults him into a surreal realm of filmmaking from which he will never really return. Fellini populates his medium with mediums, and his cinema is exactly that. For two minds to meet in this world requires conversing and translation from mental impulses to words, narratives and descriptors; the arts are all such mediums in themselves and Fellini's cinema realizes this.  "penetrate the shadowy zone you were never allowed into"